Ero massage voor HAAR + HEM + ? met bijbedoelingen

Hi dears,


my erotic service is for BODY and MIND.

I do “Erotic Healing”.


I do not “only” massage – i do “erotic” massage;

…on a special way.


Erotic massage with full body contact!

Which can lead to sex, but its not base or precondition.


work WITH full body, cause i try to feel your body with mine to exchange erotic energy. 

– not “working meachnically” only on your skin.


I offer here 3 main types of erotic massages:


ONLY Full body massage – but nude! And no sexual contact.

Full body massage WITH sexual contact – but nude!




c) an erotic massage which is based basical on SEXUAL contact and erotic ELEMENTS – but nude!


Sure you can have pure sexual contact ONLY too

or other erotic services – see range best on websites.


So my service is best for gourmets who like a hot atmosphere – “on skin” and “inside body”.


My aim is to get you satisfied on a special way – i developped my massage types over the last 25 years; not only German people liked that much – but what about Dutch and international people ? Too ? Like to try ?


Serving time is minimal 1,5 hours outcall – best time is 2,0 to 2,5 hrs of serving time being together without stress.

I offer a customer card with 5% off each booking – see details on websites. 


I don`t use any fragrances, cause health is aim and standard. Here i use neutral coconut oil which gets fast into skip and olive oil which has more oily character for longer massaging and fun. Both oils are organic, full of vitamins and essentials ingrediences i use also for my salads and food too – so health inside and outside is part of my ‘Erotic Healing’ too!


I like erotic massages and nude work, so thats why you also see my nude pictures in my ads to be preinformed what you will get. I serve any body type, any sex, any gender – anyone who like to get my service; but shaved skin has several advantages on serving to have, so think about before.


Being outcall available basically in whole NL, but also incall in Utrecht on arrangement – other towns will hopefully follow – so just take a look on my websites, if i am offeriing local service in your town too. (Always looking for other places in NL + BE too, where i can work locally for incall too)


Please visit my websites an read details to my “6 services” i am offering for women, men, ts, couples and also groups. i speak German and English and can understand and read a little bit of Dutch and Chinese too.


If you like my service offering and range but also my nude pictures; don`t hesitate and please drop me a line to serve you best and be welcome to “EroMassagen4u – Erotic Healing – 6 Service”.





di aug 2020


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